Ash investments 000000 $0 00 $0 $0 dividends and interest from securities 000000 $0 dividends, interest, payments with respect to securities loans, annuities, income from notional principal contracts, loan commitment fees, and other substantially similar income from ordinary and routine investments excluded by section 512(b)(1) $255,090 $0 net rental income or (loss) from real estate debt-financed property 000000 $0 00 $0 $0 not debt-financed property 000000 $0 00 $0 $0 net rental income or (loss) from personal property 000000 $0 00 $0 $0 other investment income 000000 $0 00 $0 $0 gain or (loss) from sales of assets other than inventory 000000 $0 gain (or loss, to the extent allowed) from the sale of investments and other non-inventory property and from certain property acquired from financial institutions that are in conservatorship or receivership (sections 512(b)(5) and 512(b)(16)(a)) $163,485 $0 net income or (loss) from special events 000000 $0 00 $0 $0 gross profit or (loss) from sales of inventory 000000 $0 00 $0 $0 other revenue 000000 $0 royalty income excluded by section 512(b)(2) $1,773,491 $1,130,171 information regarding taxable subsidiaries and disregarded entities (for 2007) ein of corporation, partnership, or disregarded entity percentage of ownership interest total income end-of-year assets 000000000 0% $0 $0 000000000 0% $0 $0 000000000 0% $0 $0 000000000 0% $0 $0 compensation of the five highest paid employees other than officers, directors, and trustees (for 2007) compensation contributions to employee benefit plans & deferred compensation expense account and other allowances $88,250 $7,060 $8,263 $86,333 $6,907 $3,882 $80,750 $6,461 $3,882 $78,750 $4,680 $3,882 $75,500 $6,040 $3,882 total number of other employees paid over $50,000 39 statements about activities (for 2007) expenses paid or incurred in connection with the lobbying activities $0 did the organization receive or hold an easement for conservation purposes, including easements to preserve open space, the environment, historic land areas or historic structures? viagra online without prescription viagra how fast does it work No did the organization provide credit counseling, debt management, credit repair, or debt negotiation services? generic viagra canada viagra coupon No did the organization maintain any donor advised funds? is viagra better than viagra and viagra can buy viagra walmart No did the organization make any taxable distributions under section 4966? viagra pill definition cost of viagra vs viagra vs viagra No did the organization make a distribution to a donor, donor advisor, or related person? order viagra online cheap viagra online No enter the total number of donor advised funds owned at the end of the tax year $0 enter the aggregate value of assets held in all donor advised funds owned at the end of the tax year $0 enter the total number of separate funds or accounts owned at the end of the tax year (excluding donor advised funds included above) where donors have the right to provide advice on the distribution or investment of amounts in such funds or accounts $0 enter the a. viagra pill definition viagra to buy online in australia viagra pill definition

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