Main page | namespace list | class hierarchy | class list | directories | file list | class members | file members sterility class reference #include viagra in canada for sale H> inheritance diagram for sterility: list of all members. real viagra cheap buy canadian viagra online today Public types enum   type { male_sterility, female_sterility, unknown_sterility_type } public member functions   sterility ()   sterility (const std::string value)   sterility (const char *value) void  set (const char *value) void  set (const std::string value) const bool  getboolean (void) const char  getbooleanaschar (void) const const type  gettype (void) const static public member functions static void  addsterilitybooleanmapping (std::string relationshipvalue, std::string booleanmapping) private attributes boolean  _booleanvalue type  _type static private attributes static std::map< std::string, std::string >  _lookuptable static std::map< std::string, type >  _lookuptypetable friends class  sterilitymaploader member enumeration documentation enum sterility::type   enumerator: male_sterility  female_sterility  unknown_sterility_type  constructor & destructor documentation sterility::sterility (   )  [inline]   sterility::sterility (  const std::string  value  )  [inline]   sterility::sterility (  const char *  value  )  [inline]   member function documentation void sterility::addsterilitybooleanmapping (  std::string  relationshipvalue, std::string  booleanmapping )  [static]   const bool sterility::getboolean (  void   )  const   char sterility::getbooleanaschar (  void   )  const   const sterility::type sterility::gettype (  void   )  const   void sterility::set (  const std::string  value  )    void sterility::set (  const char *  value  )  [virtual]   reimplemented from string. viagra safe epileptics online viagra prescription uk Friends and related function documentation friend class sterilitymaploader [friend]   member data documentation boolean sterility::_booleanvalue [private]   std::map< std::string, std::string > sterility::_lookuptable [static, private]   std::map< std::string, sterility::type > sterility::_lookuptypetable [static, private]   type sterility::_type [private]   the documentation for this class was generated from the following files: sterility. buying viagra online is viagra available over the counter in uk H sterility. viagra online Cpp generated on fri nov 18 16:24:39 2011 for madeline by  1. online viagra prescription uk 4. where to buy cheap viagra in australia Viagra cheap online 4. online viagra prescription uk discount viagra generic best price Interpretation of test results if no evidence of growth is found in any of the culture vessels, except in the positive growth control, the material meets the requirements of the test. If, however, evidence of growth is found, a repeat test may be performed. buy cheap viagra canada If no evidence of growth is then found in any of the culture vessels, except in the positive growth control, the material meets the requirement of the tes. Where to buy viagra online canada viagra for sale

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